How to Hire Us

Let us Paint for You
Scenic Painting Services

Located two hours northwest of New York City, our 125′ x 38′ paint deck is ready to be at your service.

We understand that every job is unique and are pleased to discuss the nature and scope of your project with you. We meticulously determine the details of your project in order to present you with a bid price that is fair to both of us.

We do not charge for bids, but we cannot guess what you want, so we need some info before embarking on the bid process.

Initiating a Job

Please assemble the following information before you contact us:

  1. – Your schedule, particularly when the finished project is needed at the shipping destination
  2. – The quantity, sizes and shapes of the pieces
  3. – Artwork to scale and/or description of the design. The more detailed it is the more accurate our bid can be. Please be prepared to email or overnight this information to us
  4. – Your fabric requirements (if you do not know a specific fabric we can advise you)
  5. – The soft goods construction specifications (if you do not know this we can advise you)
  6. – Country, state and city of shipping destination

You Contact Us With the Information
Call 845-583-7025 OR email us.

The Bidding Process
We will take all the information you give and work up a scenario. When, who, and how would we make this project happen? We imagine ourselves mixing paint, drawing, going through all the motions. How long would it take? What materials would we need? How much do they cost? How many people would work on it? We take time to gather the information and fill in our worksheets to come up with the amount needed to produce this job. That will be your bid price.

We Contact You
We will send you a bid. On it will be described the scope of the project, specific requirements, time schedule and terms. We ask for 2/3 to begin the job, final payment on delivery.

You Consider the Bid
Take time to thoroughly look at the bid. If you have questions or need changes, contact us and we’ll talk. We can willingly re-work the bid if needed.

To Accept the Bid
Let us know when you accept our bid. As we make a Letter of Agreement, provide to us the name and position of the person who will be signing.  It will need to be signed by a member of your organization who is responsible for payment. We will sign it and send it to you for a signature.


Your Project is in Our Hands
Known throughout the industry for delivering quality work on time; we approach every job with expertise and care to ensure that you get what you want.

You can visit and check on the progress any time you like. We are located two hours NW of New York City, a nice drive, or we can pick you up at the bus station in Monticello, NY.

We often communicate with you during the production process by sending digital pictures with questions that you need to respond to for our guidance.

Be sure to provide us with the complete shipping address with a contact name and phone #. We prefer to use UPS to deliver your job, unless it is quite heavy or large. In that case we would engage a freight carrier of our choice or yours. We have no loading dock, so the truck needs to have a lift.

You Receive the Pieces – Final Payment Due
We hope that you will be pleased with our work and will ask us to paint for you again, as so many people have done in the past. Thank you!