Hasty Pudding Theatricals, Repeat Commissions

Below are images of some of the projects we worked on over the years.

2017, Casino Evil
2016, That 1770s Show
2015, ¡Oops!…Madrid It Again
2014, Victorian Secret
2013, There’s Something about Maui
2012, There Will Be Flood
2011, Kashmir If You Can
2010, Commie Dearest
2009,  Acropolis Now
2008, Fable Attraction
2007, The Tent Commandments
2006, Some Like It Yacht
2005, Terms of Frontierment
2004, As the Word Turns
2003, It’s A Wonderful Afterlife
2002, Snow Place Like Home
2001, Fangs for the Memories
and all the way back to 1990!