“This program is one of the most useful trainings I have ever completed in my teaching career. The facilities, the faculty…absolutely incredible.  I have used every technique I learned in that course and my school’s productions are now much more professional.  I have taught numerous students these techiniques – many of which can even be used in your own home!  Absolutely hands-down worth it.”
Lindsay Shields on Teachers Training, January 2017

“Hi Rachel,
Attached is a Thank You letter I wrote for Sean.  I thought you would enjoy it.  The letter applies to you as well!  Thank you for developing such a wonderful program and providing opportunities for education in scene painting.
Dear Sean,
I would like to thank you for a wonderful experience at Cobalt Studios in White Lake, NY.  I knew for years that Cobalt Studios was the “place to go” to learn how to paint scenery.  This was reinforced by my experience this past summer.
I honestly didn’t know what to expect.  I knew that we would have expectations, some perhaps high, placed on us and that we would be working very hard.  I had no idea that I would be taken under a teacher’s wing, your wing specifically Sean, and be guided and trained and pushed and encouraged to attain the best skills I could in scene painting.  I also didn’t expect to have so much fun painting!  Scene painting IS hard work.  Spending 9 hours a day should have exhausted me, but every evening I found myself entertained in discussions and debates with the other students and teachers and learning even more.
My experience at Cobalt Studios not only taught me many scene painting skills, but has increased my desire to work harder, make my productions better, piqued my curiosity in experimenting and encouraged me to expand my skills.
Thank you again for a very valuable experience.  I’ve come away not only with skills, but confidence and encouragement and also a role model in you.  I hope to maintain contact as a resource for all my future theater work because I value your opinion, your ability to share and your talent to teach.
Sincerely, Amy Langenecker”  September, 2009

I am so happy I was with you for a semester!  I wish I had done this years and years ago. I have a couple of students who are really good painters, who really get it.  They really keep looking at the color copy before they put a brush or roller to the canvas.  I told one that she might want to consider this specialty as a career someday….
And thank you Rachel for getting me to plan.  I mean to actually sit down and write out what I’m going to paint first, second, third, last.  And then to actually examine a photo, like a coroner examines a body, and mix the colors accordingly. I had 31 colors for Drop #2.  Can’t wait to photo and send you.
I learned so much in ten weeks!”
Best regards, Paul Newman, 2009