Advanced Independent Studies


In order to make it easier for working scenic artists to take advantage of the Cobalt Studios facilities and increase your knowledge, we have developed a format for which we hope works for you.

Advanced Independent Studies can take place ALMOST any time of the year. Scheduling is flexible and is set based on our mutual schedules.

This is a program made to order for you. The process begins with a phone call to Rachel Keebler.  You’ll discuss what subject you are interested in pursuing. Based on that discussion you and Rachel will establish a course of study tailored to your goals and needs which includes the appropriate amount of time needed to effectively cover the subject.

Call Rachel at 845 583 7025 to begin the conversation. 

Many of the subjects that have been requested in Advanced Studies are covered by the Specialty Pro Seminars given throughout the school year. These are in-depth seminars which thoroughly cover their subject through lectures, demonstrations and student projects. You would do well to consider the topics covered in these seminars, and compare them to your needs. If the seminars do not meet them, Advanced Independent Studies might be right for you.


There is a minimum three-day stay, with a maximum term up to two weeks.

The fee is an all-inclusive $160 per day.  Cobalt Studios supplies the facility, housing, and materials.

Payment can be made either in advance or on your arrival.  We accept all major credit cards.