Month at Cobalt


A Month at Cobalt is the “Slice of Life at Cobalt” program, which is available any time the school is in session during the regular (September to May) academic year. Participants come to spend a month joining in whatever is going on during that time. You spend time in the studio, live and eat at the house with the other students and come to know what it’s like to be here.

Specifics on How to Proceed

Match your schedule and needs with our activities.

  • 1. Check our Cobalt Studios Academic Calendar for dates school is in session.
  • 2. Check your own schedule to determine your availability. Please note that your weeks do not need to correspond with the calendar month.
  • 3. Call the Studio at 845 583 7025 and talk to Rachel about what may be going on at Cobalt during your preferred time frame and discuss how we can accommodate your interest.
  • 4. Once the dates are set, send in your deposit of $250.00


Application Fee: None
Tuition, Room & Board: $2,000.00 all inclusive.

Brush Kit: $230.00 plus tax – $248.40 (optional)

Enrollment Max – NA

Admission Requirements

You must be a scenic artist who wants to learn.  You need to have a phone conversation with Rachel.  After the conversation, you will be asked to provide some pictorial evidence of your abilities prior to your arrival.


The balance of tuition, room and board is due on your arrival.


The Studio is open and participants meet 7-8 hours a day, 5 days a week. The experience is an immersion into the curriculum and activities of a bustling training and production environment. MAC participants eat and sleep at the Cobalt House with the students and guest instructors.

Although the price of this program does not include Specialty Pro-Seminars (SPS), which may occur during a MAC program, a SPS can be incorporated into your stay.  If the fee for the Pro-Seminar is higher than the cost of the MAC, the additional a cost will be added to your total fee,  pro-rated based on the cost of the seminar.

Due to the demands of our commission project scheduling we cannot guarantee that a specific topic will be taught at a specific time. However, during your conversation with Rachel you will together determine the best 4-week interval time for you to get maximum benefit. This program has received great feedback from its many happy participants.